Getting Started with KTC

Getting Started

Real Estate Purchase Consultation:
Billed at an hourly rate. 2 hours minimum.

Architectural Detective Services:
Billed at an hourly rate.


Bring your architectural plans, we build to order, or bring your project ideas and our design team can help you from there.

Whether you have fully completed architectural plans, or just a general renovation idea, Kris Thomson will meet with you for an initial consult to get to know you. As needed he will go over structural considerations, brainstorm ideas, and provide thumb-nail sketches for possible renovations. More detailed design/build drawings can also be provided.

During all phases of your job we provide ongoing communication about project scope, cost and direction. We welcome your participation in any project as much or as little as you prefer. One of our distinguishing features is the partnership we create between our team, you and your house.

We pride ourselves on our strong client base. Home renovations are stressful and we always strive to put you first. We offer personalized service and make every effort to work around your schedule. We are punctual, neat and tidy!